Buying an Electric Shower? Keep these things in mind!

What is an Electric Shower?

An electric shower is a shower system that has its own internal heating mechanism which is separate from the usual water tank system. This means that you have an extra supply of hot water while you shower.

Why an electric shower?

When it comes to showers, electric showers are the option that you cannot resist. No more having to take cold showers, because thanks to the electric showers internal heating mechanism, your cold water can be heated up quickly when you need it. Thanks to the internal heating mechanism, the electric shower can be installed in any home and in any part of the home, regardless of whether there are heating tanks in use already.

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  • Can an electric shower work with my existing plumbing system?

Yes, electric showers can work with any existing plumbing system and can even be installed in areas where your traditional heating systems do not provide hot water.

  • How expensive is it to install an electric shower?

Relatively cheap. It costs almost the same as regular shower systems and affords you a lot more benefits.

If you’ve decided to purchase an electric shower, this UK electric shower buying guide will definitely help you out.

Factors to consider when buying an electric shower

Before you buy an electric shower is a fantastic idea, one which you are definitely going to enjoy. But when you have decided to buy one, there are certain key factors to put under consideration to ensure you get the best out of your electric shower. These factors include:

  • Power requirement:

Electric showers work with power supply and accordingly demands a certain amount of power to operate. Different brands and sizes of electric showers require different amounts of power. It is important to consider the power demands of the electric shower and if you are capable and willing to provide the required power for the shower.

  • Size of the Electric shower:

Electric showers come in different sizes. You need to consider the size of your bathroom before deciding on the size of the shower you want to buy. If you buy a size that is too big for your bathroom, you may end up damaging structures just to make it fit, or worse, you could damage the shower system. If you are unsure of the size you need, it is safer to go with a small system.

  • Budget:

No sensible purchase is made without a price range determined. Electric showers come in different price ranges, with each price range seeming better than the previous one. No worries, despite the price, they still do basically the same thing. You just need to find one you like, for the price you have budgeted and proceed to make your purchase.

  • Features:

Different electric showers come with different unique features, ranging from the basic to the most complex. With more complex features, comes more complex settings. You need to find a system that you are comfortable and competent at operating so that you don’t end up damaging your electric shower system.


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